The NEW Cloud 8 Dual Vape

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Sativa, Indica and Hybrid All-In-One

Cloud 8 Dual Vape Double the Flavor Triple the Thrill

Cloud 8 has once again added to the THC vaping renaissance with their new cutting-edge Dual Vape disposable. Offering a unique and versatile cannabis vaping experience, the Cloud 8 Dual Vape disposable meets every need of the cannabis consumer, opening a world of possibilities by incorporating two separate cartridges, each containing separate flavors and strains.   

Providing their top fan-favorite strains along with three new flavors, the Cloud 8 Dual Vape is set to provide cannabis lovers with double the flavor and triple the thrill all in one convenient device!

Features Include:

    ·  Dual Cartridge/Dual Coil Disposable

    ·  Sativa/Indica Combinations in One Disposable

    ·  Unique Hybrid Blends

    ·  Fights Flavor Fatigue

    ·  Easy to Use

    ·  Sleek, Stylish, and Powerful

Dual Cartridge, Dual Coil

The key advantage of the Cloud 8 Dual Vape is its flexibility with each vaping session.

Cloud 8 tackles the issue of wanting a Sativa for daytime use, an Indica for nighttime use, and a Hybrid for afternoon use, all without having separate vaping disposables or carts for each. The Dual Vape provides, as users will have both an Indica and Sativa strain ready for use in one convenient disposable. 

This flexibility caters to a diverse range of preferences regarding flavor and effects, allowing users to experiment with various combinations allowing you to find the sweet spot that best suits your individual tastes and needs. 

Since the Cloud 8 Dual Vape comes with two separate cartridges, if one should run out, you will still have Cloud 8 distillate available to vape in the other.


Sativa and Indica Combinations

The Cloud 8 Dual Vape provides three different Sativa/Indica combinations as well as a double Sativa combination with the Green and Orange Crack combo!

Sativa Side

·  Fruit Punch – a delicious Sativa dominant strain that combines a haze with Northern Lights. Providing a fruit juice flavor and citrus aroma, Fruit Punch is a pallet-pleasing strain perfect for promoting focus and creativity.


·  Banana Candy – A blend of tropical bananas and other fruit flavors, merging savory and sweet along with a tropical aroma, Banana Candy comes with a focused sensation and great body buzz.



·  Ghost Train Haze - a heavy-hitting Sativa known for its sour yet subtly sweet taste and floral pine aroma. Ghost Train Haze will provide a euphoric kick with a knockout haze.


·  Orange/Green Crack – a vigorously potent Sativa blend that is bursting with a sweet tangy taste and a spicy mango burst, perfect for amping up your day!

Indica Side

·  Blueberry Kush – flood your pallet with fresh sweet berries. Blueberry Kush is a heavy Indica that is great for nighttime use.


·  Granddaddy Purp – serving a luscious blend of berries and grapes, Granddaddy Purp is a heavy Indica that provides a carefree, cerebral sensation.



·  Zombie OG – Merging lavender, pine, and robust berries, Zombie OG is a highly potent Indica that provides a heavy body vibe and hazy head high.

Unique Hybrid Blends

The Cloud 8 Dual Vape has separate coils and separate cartridges for each flavor, allowing you to enjoy each flavor separately without cross-contamination of the other strain; however, for some users, experimenting with different stain combinations is half the fun!

Providing a Sativa and an Indica in the convenience of one disposable allows users to experiment with these unique flavor combinations. 

Fighting Flavor Fatigue

Never get tired of ripping the same strain repeatedly until it’s gone and keep the richness of each Cloud 8 strain fresh and flavorful! 

Variety is the spice of life. The Cloud 8 Dual Vape gives users options in both flavor and effects, which will allow you to never get tired of having just one flavor to vape. 

With separate cartridges each carrying different flavors, one could vape just the Sativa side or just the Indica side without worry of getting the flavor/effects of the other THC distillate. 

Easy to Use

The Cloud 8 Dual Vape provides an easy-to-use disposable. 

Color-coded strain names correlate with each vaping port. This ensures that you know what strain you’re about to vape without confusion.

The Dual Vape also comes ready to vape. There are no buttons to push. No switches to switch. Just simple, tasty, feel-good deliciousness right out of the bag. 

Pull from the Sativa side to get your day started. Take a pull from the Indica side to end your day. Rip from both sides at the same time and have your best day!

Petite, Sleek and Powerful!

Displaying a smooth, polished appearance with a compact streamlined design, the Dual Vape is easy to carry and store. It is so convenient that it can fit easily into a wallet or purse.

Don’t let the petite charm of the Cloud 8 Dual Vape fool you. With each cartridge inside the Dual Vape having its own dedicated coil, the Dual Vape has the power to vaporize all of your distillate!

Having a separate coil for each cartridge inside the Dual Vape also reduces downtime with your vaping sessions. Should one side or cartridge run out, simply use the other side! This allows a hassle-free experience without compromising on variety. 

Cloud 8's Dual Vape revolutionizes THC vaping with dual cartridges, offering diverse Sativa/Indica blends. It fights flavor fatigue, boasts ease of use, and packs power in a petite design. Explore varied strains in one device for a convenient, flavorful experience. 

Rise Above the Rest - Cloud 8


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